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How to convert a video into audio without any app

He friend how are you
I hope you all will be fine
I todays artical I am going to tell you how to convert a video into audio with the use of any app
Sometime we have some video songs which we want to convert into audio for its bad video so let's move to the main trick just follow these steps
Convert any video into audio
Step1•••> open your Mobile's file manager and select the file you want to convert
Steo2•••> now rename this file change the last three words after the dot From mp4 to mp3
Note ) if you was not seen the last three word after dot so download es file manager from playstore and try again
Step3•••> now save the file with the extanion of mp3
Keep in mind
Add the extanions after the dot and firstly cut the mp4 written
It's done you have converted your mp4 file into audio file
If you have any problem in converting so comment below
Also watch this video to understand it fully 

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