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How to create/make a free blogger/website

Hi friends I am going to give you an compelet course on youtube and on my blog on how to create a free website with very pretty design
Now a day on line earning is getting very fame I there are many people who are telling you the fake way of earning online so I think I will tell you the real way of earning online by make a website or blogger

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    Having a blog or website is a real very use full for a youtuber because by your blog or web site you can get more view and you can earn more not from only youtube but also from your blog or web site lats start

    How to create/make a free blog or website step by step

    •••>1 first of all go to from your web browser
    •••>2 now on the top of right site you can see the option of signin click on it and enter your gmail account
    •••>3 after signin a new page will open and there thay ask you whether you want to go with Google+ profile or blogger profile now click on blogger profile
    •••>4 After select the blogger profile thay ask for your name enter your own name this name is not going to become the name of your blogger or site
    •••>5 After this a new page will open now in the middel of the page you can see the option of
    Create your own blog just click on it
    •••>6 now a mini window will open and I had three options in your site name second adress 3rd the
    •••>blog name: In blog name option enter the name of your blog you want
    Note; the name is not the url of your blog
    •••>address: in address enter the address you want for your site your site will open by your  address
    •••>theme the last think is selecting one of six theme you can select any theme that you want and than click on done button
    That all your blog/site is ready now you can visit your blog by click on visit your blog
    Stay with us for next class and I will guide more about blog
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    And if you are,having problem with any step so comment below

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